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Zeolite with Stilbite and Apophyllite

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Zeolite: Cleansing, Healing, Happiness 

Inclusions: Stilbite and Apophyllite

Zeolites usually are a combination of different crystals sharing a common matrix or base. These crystals often include Stilbite, Apophyllite, Prehnite, Pectolite, Okenite, and Scosolite of various shapes and colours.

 Zeolites can assist with absorbing odours and toxins in our environment. Zeolites are of excellent assistance with energy healing modalities like Reiki, as they will help attune you with the energies around you and ensure the healing energy's flow is optimised for the healing proceedure. They will also enhance your response to these healing and supportive energies. 

Zeolites are said to carry the Akashic Records which have information of your past-life, and give you information about what is happening and will happen in your life.


Dimensions: Height: 4.5cm x Width: 14cm x Length: 17cm


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