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Black Tourmaline Pendant by "Made in Earth"

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Tourmaline, Black (Schorl): Protection, Grounding, Calming.

A beautiful 'Made in Earth' raw Black Tourmaline crystal pendant, in sterling silver backing.  

Black Tourmaline is a protective stone which repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attack.  Black Tourmaline also aids in the removal of negative energies within a person or space.  Black Tourmaline will cleanse, purify, and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration.   

Tourmaline is very grounding and helpful in releasing stress and tension. They can bring inspiration from higher realms into the chakras for processing within the body. All Tourmaline is thought to balance yin and yang energies, as well as the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

*Chain sold separately. 

Dimensions: Height: 5.5cm x Width: 2cm

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