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Pink Himalayan Quartz Cluster with Green Chlorite

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Quartz: Healing, Enhancing, Amplification. Manifestation

Samadhi Pink Himalayan Quartz: evokes newness, blesses, purifies

A very unique cluster exhibiting both the healing energy associated with the pink and the power of manifestation enhanced with the inclusion of Green Calcite 

Pink Himalayan Quartz (also known as Samadhi and Nirvana) is a rare variety only found in the high elevations of India. Samadhi has a gentle healing vibration with its pink and white hues, emanating loving energy that stimulates the heart chakra as well as acts as a talisman of love to the world.

In meditation, Samadhi supports a blissful transition to higher realm consciousness. It also encourages peaceful sleep, creates beautiful dreams, relieves children who are afraid of the dark, assists in all forms of healing, and empowers herbs in traditional Chinese medicine.

Pink Quartz's elegance is second to none and is ideal for home decor. Our larger pieces also suit therapy clinics to enhance collective focus within groups.

Dimensions: Height: 13.5cm   Width: 7cm   Length: 16cm


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