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Cactus Quartz Spirit/Amethyst with Citrine

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Cactus Quartz Spirit/Amethyst: Unity, Harmony, Spiritual Connection. 

A stunning large statement piece, that would add magic and beauty into any space it is placed. 

In Spirit Quartz, powerful healing energy is directed through the main crystal while also being simultaneously radiated out in all directions by the tiny crystals that cover it. 

 Its ability to focus and bring energies together also makes Spirit Quartz an excellent stone for groups. Spirit Quartz fosters unity, peace, and a willingness to work together that is beneficial to families, communities, or businesses alike. Use Spirit Quartz in group meditations to connect the energies of all participants.

Spirit Quartz has been used to heighten experiences with astral travel, shamanic journeying, dreamwork, rebirthing, and meditation. While primarily associated with the Crown Chakra, Spirit Quartz opens and cleanses all Chakras.

A protective stone, both energetically and physically, Spirit Quartz shields the aura, transmutes negative energy, and protects from physical harm. 

This crystal comes from only one mine in Johannesburg. 


Dimensions:  Height:  12.5cm  x   Width: 16cm   x   Length: 31cm

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