Ammonite Whole (Cleoniceras), Suture (Zig Zag)

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Ammonite: Vitality, Stimulates Life Force, Abundance

An overlooked addition to most Crystals lovers collections…. “The Ammonite”.

Although technically the Ammonite is a fossil belonging to the" Octopus” and “Squid” family, its formation has been purged with silica (Quartz) and thus has great association with Crystals and their healing properties. 
Due to Its tapering spiral shape it symbolises continual change and evolution. It’s a wonderful earth healer. These Ammonites have been absorbing cosmic energy for millions of years and are great stimulate the life force (KI) within oneself.

Ammonites are often used in Feng Sui and placed in the home to attract abundance and success. Ammonites remove and reduce all negative energies. It is said the Ammonite spirals act as a filter and draw in the stagnant energies which are no longer needed. It moves the energy through the spirals and reconstitutes them as refreshed, positive, loving life force energies.
Ammonites can assist physically to help you to increase stamina and vitality. They offer great assistance when working with issues of blood pressure, respiratory problems and degenerative disorders. Ammonites assist with alleviating depression. They work well with all Chakras, but in particular the base Chakra. Astrologically they are associated with Aquarius, Cancer and Capricorn and correspond to the number 9.
Our Ammonites are from Madagascar and display an iridescence which has been formed by compression and mineralization of the Ammonite fossil. These iridescent Ammonites are often of gem quality when polished and are a beautiful piece to own or gift.
Ammonites have been used in ancient times to treat poisoning and snake bites. They are very useful for fertility and birthing pains.

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