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Rose Quartz Melbourne

Force of Life Provides Rose Quartz in Melbourne

Force of Life is well known for our carefully curated and hand-picked mineral collection that includes rose quartz in Melbourne. Rose quartz is considered the stone of unconditional love, making it one of the quintessential stones for working on the heart chakra. We source our high vibration crystals ethically from the backcountry of Madagascar to the peaks of the Himalayas.

The Benefits of Rose Quartz in Australia

Quartz has been one of the most used crystals in metaphysics since prehistoric times. All varieties of quartz are known for their power and ability to enhance the aura. Rose quartz retains the power of other quartz varieties but with a calm and soothing vibe. It is associated with love and the Heart Chakra and often used to open the heart to all types of love. Here are a few ways that you can use rose quartz for its beneficial qualities:

  • Use rose quartz to attract love by placing a piece of it on your bedside table or any other place that has unique romantic associations for you, such as the relationship or family nook in your room or home. Regularly envision the crystal drawing love into your life to reap its benefits.
  • In addition to attracting new love, rose quartz can add loving energy to your existing relationships, increasing their calm and peace. Place the rose quartz in important areas that signify the relationship to which you want to add loving energy. Your bedside table is often an excellent choice, but every relationship is different so you will likely have a unique space for yours.
  • Rose quartz has been used to heal ailments of the heart, thymus, and lungs as well as providing support for all types of cancer. It is known to help bring about a more youthful complexion, aids in circulation and increasing sex drive among others. 

Common Mistakes People Make When They Buy Rose Quartz Online

When you are looking for rose quartz you can buy online or in another shop in Australia there can be issues sourcing the crystals. Unscrupulous crystal miners, without a care for the earth or local population, use extraction methods that damage the environment and even poison the resources of the area. We ensure that our crystals are ethically sourced, using mining methods that minimise the impact. Here are a few ways that we make a difference:

  • Protecting the environment and the resources needed by the local populations of Madagascar and the Himalayas quartz is unquestionably the right thing to do. We want all our Australian customers to know that the crystals they buy will not contribute to the suffering of others.
  • The way a crystal is mined can have a significant effect on the energy it holds and amplifies.
  • You might be able to find bargain-basement prices for crystals you buy online, but without knowing they are ethically sourced, you cannot be sure what kind of energy they will hold.

About Force of Life

We founded Force of life to provide our unique crystal sculptures and specimens to the people of Australia for their beauty and the powerful effects they can have. In addition to our online crystal shop, we operate a showroom with many items that do not appear on our website. Aura readings and our energy healing centre are also available at our showroom. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about the healing powers of crystals, including rose quartz and its association with love.

Clear Quartz Sphere Melbourne 

Clear Quartz Sphere in Melbourne from Force of Life

Force of Life is known for our ethically sourced collection of unique crystals including clear quartz in sphere form in Melbourne. Clear quartz is the most sought-after crystal for its metaphysical use, known as the most powerful healing stone in the mineral kingdom. If you need that healing power in your life, want to search for the hidden knowledge locked inside a clear quartz sphere, or add a new crystal to your collection, we have what you are looking for and more.

The Importance of a Quartz Sphere

Clear quartz is known in the metaphysical community as a stone of power in addition to its healing powers. It amplifies your energies and intentions in rituals as well as with background vibrations. Due to its association with healing, it is often used in healing work for the mind, body and spirit. Here are a few ways that you can use quartz:

  • With its healing properties and immense power, quartz spheres are excellent for aligning the chakras. It can cleanse negative energy, open them to better access higher knowledge, as well as activate and support them. Using the clear quartz regularly will enhance these abilities.
  • Crystal clear quartz spheres are the traditional ‘crystal ball,’ and with good reason. Clear quartz is a gift from mother nature, and it comes to us with information for our higher selves to assimilate. Gazing into the sphere might not show you the future if you do not have the gift, but it can help you find yourself.
  • Natural clear quartz crystals form into hexagonal shapes. In Sacred Geometry, this contributes to its ability to magnify energetic vibrations. Program natural quartz with your intentions and place it in a central location to benefit from this.

Other Crystals We Provide As Well As Rose Quartz Sphere

Our clear quartz spheres are only one of the types of quartz we offer. Rose quartz retains the power of its clear cousin with a focus on enhancing love. It is commonly used to bring new love into a person’s life or strengthen their existing relationships. Some of our other offerings include:

  • Both our online store and Melbourne crystal showroom are full of many different crystals, each with their own unique powers and energies. If you are unsure about how to use each type of crystal, we offer a handy crystal meaning guide.
  • For your best crystal results, we suggest getting an aura report, available at our crystal showroom. This 12-page analysis includes a full-colour body aura and chakra reading, personality and energy profile, and bio-feedback graphs.
  • In addition to aura reports, we operate an energy healing centre in our crystal showroom. From narrative therapy to crystal reiki healing and much more, we are here to help you.

Why You Should Buy From Force of Life

Force of life understands the power and energy in crystals and to ensure that our minerals are suitable for your use, we source them ethically. Explore our online store or visit us to learn more about crystals and their power at our showroom. You can also contact us today to find out more right now.