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Practitioner - Vicki



Vicki works as an Intuitive Healing Practitioner uses various modalities to help clients achieve deep healing.  She can help you with many life, health and general wellbeing issues. Some include; trauma, fear, phobias, relationships, addiction, work, depression, anxiety, PTSD, abuse, limiting beliefs, spirituality, major life changes, life purpose. Vicki’s wish is to be a guide and support to you as you release and heal anything that is not serving your highest potential so you can live in alignment with your truest self.

Vicki has also worked as a Holistic Voice/Singing Teacher for over 20 years and uses voice therapy to help heal physical pain and trauma in her sessions. She facilitates empowering voice workshops to help anyone with voice related issues ie. Speaking up, expression, and teaches various practices - using voice - for self-healing.

Vicki also offers a beautiful Soulrealignment reading. It is an extensive and powerful reading and clearing of your Akashic Records. This is truly a powerful gift to give yourself.


  • EFT/Matrix Reimprinting -

      90 minutes $170

      2 hours (First Session only and optional) - $220


  • Intuitive Energy Healing - (Reiki, Seichem, Sound Healing, Chiron Healing, Sacred Drum healing, Crystal Healing, Chakra balancing, Vocal toning)   This session can be for anything from relaxation, spiritual healing and guidance, physical pain relief to trauma release.

          90 minutes $180


  • Soulrealignment (Akashic Records Reading/Clearing) -

Most of the reading is prepared before it is presented to you. This takes approximately 2-3 hours. When presented to you, it takes approximately 90 minutes.

$480 (There is usually a 4-6 week wait for this)

 Other services:

Empowering Voice Workshops, Group Sound Healing Meditation (one on one sessions available on request), Group Singing Meditation, Group EFT workshops.

Available Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and some Saturdays.