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Practitioner - Iris




Iris offers a trans-formative process in which she supports and guides you on how to raise your awareness to your old limiting thinking and emotional patterns and acquire new ways of being.

As part of her work as a narrative counsellor, Iris gives special emphasis on developing a compassionate awareness to the inner stories you hold. Iris believes that these inner narratives determine how you lead and navigate your life. In her sessions she uses mindfulness tools, meditation, emotional body awareness and breath work which can help in reducing stress and anxiety, mild depression, assist in times of hardship and crisis (including health crisis), life transitions and more.

Iris is passionate about working with women to empower and strengthen them to reach their full potential and lead a conscious way of living. She is also a Steiner teacher and social worker.

1hr $120, 6 sessions $500 (save $120).
Available Tuesdays + Fridays 10-3pm, Wednesdays 12-3pm