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Practitioner - Emma



Emma from Wholesome Living Ayurveda is all about bringing yourself back into your natural rhythms with an Ayurvedic holistic health and energy healing.

Ayurveda (Traditional Indian Medicine) does not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to health but instead sees you as the individual that you are. During a consultation Emma will look at your health from a holistic standpoint, taking into consideration your diet, environment, workplace, relationships, daily routine, family history and life goals. There is also a physical assessment, of reading your eyes, tongue, hands and pulse. Emma's mission is to create health in the Mind, Body and Soul and bring joy, balance and longevity into your life.

Emma works with women and men to help with issues such as: (but not limited to)

- Anxiety / Stress

- Weight Issues

- Fertility Issues / Hormone Balance

- Sleep Concerns (including insomnia) 

- Skin Issues 

- Gut Imbalances

- And general Health + Diet concerns

 Emma is also a gifted energy healer, who has been doing energy healing for over 10 years. She works with your energetic system to re balance your mind, body and spirit. Emma works with energy issues such as: 

- Generational Trauma

- Childhood Issues/ Trauma 

- Negative Energy Life Patterns

- Stuck Emotions and Energy within your energy field and physical body

- General Balancing and Energy Flow. 


Initial Ayurvedic Consultation 75 minutes $120, follow up 45 minutes $90, 
45 minutes - Energy Healing  $95
60 minutes - Energy Healing $110
Available Mondays, Tuesdays + Thursdays 10-6pm, Saturdays 10-4pm
For more on Emma - check out Wholesome Living Ayurveda on Instagram.