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Practitioner - Donal



Donal's healing treatment can be best described as a full “mind body and spirit” treatment which would have its foundations formed from crystal reiki.

His Celtic heritage and life long interest in crystals, druidism and Celtic spirituality add a uniqueness to his treatment which also incorporates the use of pure quartz tuning forks, sound, and colour through light.

Having spent many years working in the lighting industry and having a great understanding of frequencies and how they affect the body and our environment, Donal’s procedures are specially designed to introduce vital frequencies through sound vibration and natural healing energies. This treatment is a very balancing process and results in in a grounding harmonising procedure for his clients.

45 minutes - Crystal Reiki healing $95

1-1.5hrs - EMF reading home visit $195  (travel fees may apply)

Available: Tuesday to Friday between 11am-4pm


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