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Reiki Healing Melbourne

Force of Life: Practitioners of Reiki Healing in Melbourne to Aid Your Wellness

Australia is a land of natural beauty and spiritual power, which we tap into so that we can offer Reiki healing in Melbourne. This art incorporates traditional laying of hands, but our approach also includes healing crystals from our most trusted sources. We’re proud to have a dedicated team of practitioners who are devoted to continually learning new techniques and improving their art.

What You Can Expect from Force of Life Regarding Energy Healing in Melbourne

We take our practice seriously, so there are several things you can expect from us regarding our approach to energy healing and personal well being:

  • Our team offers mind, body, and spirit treatments designed to help you feel better in all three aspects. Not only can we offer crystal Reiki in Melbourne, but we also have many other services, including Ayurvedic consultations, narrative counselling, yoga, meditation, and life coaching. We want to help you in any way you feel comfortable.
  • We carefully discern our crystals to ensure that they have the properties we want for Reiki energy healing. If we feel that the crystals aren’t pure enough or lack the ability to channel energy the way we require, we don’t use them for any healing treatments.

Prepare for Your Visit to Force of Life

Whether you decide to visit our location or request a visit to your home, we advise you to take several actions before the appointed time:

  • Embrace a healing mindset. We believe that our healing techniques are most effective when our guests have cleared their minds of negative energy and open themselves to a healing experience, to the best of their ability. Each person is at a different stage of their life when we meet them, so we will do our best to help you find your healing place.
  • Provide the $25 deposit to book your appointment. We ask for this deposit out of respect for our time and for those who might otherwise be able to schedule that time slot. We apply the deposit in full to the balance due for our services.
  • Confirm that the appointment works for your schedule. We allow a full refund of the appointment deposit fee if you cancel 48 hours before your scheduled time. If you have an emergency, we may be able to reschedule your appointment to another time, though we will ask that you communicate with us before your appointment.

About Force of Life

We truly appreciate the gifts that the Earth gives us, including both the crystals we use and the talents we have received. It is our responsibility to share what we have received, so we appreciate the privilege of serving our fellow travellers in this life. Contact us to enquire about available booking times for Reiki healing.