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Gain valuable insight of your energy profile through an Aura and Chakra reading. 


Force of Life is pleased to offer the latest technology in 3D Aura Photography, giving us the ability to photograph and analyse your aura. This can bring insight and understanding of your chi-energy and give a report of your spiritual, physical and mental energetic states. 

Our aura photography imaging system is an educational tool that can visualise auras and chakras and provides aura analytic information.

The system has been developed over the last 10 years by Johannes R. Fisslinger, author of “Aura Imaging Photography” and “Aura Mastery”. Johannes was inspired by his time spent as a therapist in Europe and India, he felt a need for exploring the subtle energies of the human body, mind and spirit. His ability to combine ancient knowledge, intuitive sciences and modern multimedia technology and develop easy-to-use and educational products is essential to the success of this powerful technology.


Here's how it works;

  1. Make a booking or ask about it in-store
  2. Sit in front of the aura camera
  3. Place your hand onto the sensor
  4. Your aura image appears on the screen. Auras and chakras will change in real-time based on how you are feeling revealing any out of balance energy centres
  5. Your Fore of Life team member will discuss the findings with you
  6. Receive a full written report EMAILED directly to you.

What is an aura?

Our bodies are surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field, called an Aura. This electrical field functions at different frequencies which reflect the function of you mind body and spirit. There are seven commonly referred to colours each of which has a different vibrational frequency associated with it. These are referred to as chakras or energy centres of your body. Your aura colours are determined by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of being.


  • full colour body aura and chakra reading

  • personality profile

  • bio-feedback graphs

  • 12 sheets of analysis

  • emailed directly to you.


Aura Photography Melbourne 

Engage in Aura Photography in Melbourne at Force of Life 

Are you interested in exploring aura photography in Melbourne? Take advantage of a 3D aura photography appointment at Force of Life. This comprehensive appointment provides you with an overview of your aura and what you can do to improve your chakra alignment and balance. 

Benefits of Chakra Healing in Melbourne 

The idea of chakras was developed in India between 1500 and 500 BC in the oldest text called the Vedas. It revolves around certain parts of your body that are considered energy points. If just one point is out of balance, the belief is that this could affect your physical and spiritual well-being. Some advantages of taking part in chakra healing include: 

  • Helps you feel more relaxed: Do you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? Has the stress in your life become overwhelming? Chakra healing helps you to refocus your energy by promoting the idea of your mind and body working in unison. 
  • A deeper understanding of the purpose of your life: Healing your chakras helps you to become more aware of your inner desires. When you tune out the chaos around you and focus on your thoughts, hopes and dreams, you can work toward attaining a better quality of life. 
  • A healthy way of expressing emotions: Healing your chakras provides you with a way to not only release negative energy around you but supply you with tools to maintain a calmer and healthier frame of mind when future issues arise. 

Fun Facts about Aura Reading in Melbourne 

We love teaching our clients about the background and importance of aura readings. Here are a few interesting details that everyone should know: 

  • Spiritual development: The concept of each person having an aura was elaborated in the West by a former priest of the Church of England named Charles Webster Leadbeater. He claimed to be clairvoyant and went on to write numerous books and pamphlets about the subject. 
  • Photograph assistance: People have attempted to capture their aura through photography as far back as the 1890s. Technology has significantly developed since then to the point where we can now offer our clients a full 3D aura photography session that produces your aura image on a screen in a matter of minutes. 
  • Different colours: Auras appear in a variety of colours. The size of the colour that surrounds a person is usually proportional to their age. For example, the aura of a baby will tend to extend six inches out from their body while the average size for an adult aura is roughly two feet. The various colours are indicators of certain aspects of your life. Green around the head usually indicates that a person has a natural healing ability, while orange indicates creativity. We email your report to you immediately so it’s available for your pleasure and information.

What You Can Expect from Force of Life During an Aura Reading in Melbourne 

Our company is excited to offer a comprehensive aura reading for our clients in Melbourne. If you have never taken part in 3D aura photography before, here are a few things you can expect during your session: 

  • A stress-free experience: We believe that you should never feel overwhelmed during an aura reading. When you come to your appointment, the only thing you have to do is sit down in a relaxing room and let our biofield reader do the rest of the work. 
  • A full report: The goal of an aura reading is to provide you with a better understanding of what steps you can take to improve your physical, mental and spiritual life.
  • Easy scheduling: No Appointment needed. Just drop in when you’re passing and we will accommodate you with your unique reading in minutes. Or, to schedule a session, please call our store and speak to a member of our team. We do our best to book appointments around your busy schedule.

Why Trust Force of Life for Aura Scanning in Melbourne 

The staff at Force of Life believe that learning more about your aura is a wonderful way to find a more profound sense of peace and purpose in your life. Our professionals are available to answer any questions you have before or during your appointment to help you feel at ease. 

Reach out to us to book your appointment.