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Amethyst Melbourne

Looking for Amethysts in Melbourne? Force of Life Can Help

Purple amethyst in Melbourne and throughout the world is highly esteemed for its stunning beauty and ability to stimulate and soothe the emotions and mind. The amethyst geode was once called a “Gem of Fire” and has been as valuable as diamonds at times. Amethyst is just one of the beautiful crystals and minerals we sell at Force of Life. We are passionate about the Earth’s gifts to us and dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products delivered right to their doors. 

The Benefits of Amethyst in Melbourne

When purchasing a well-rounded healing stone that can benefit your body, mind, and spirit, then amethyst may be the right option for you. Amethyst connects and balances your physical, mental, and spiritual selves, positioning you optimally for holistic wellness. Here are some of the specific benefits of amethyst. 

  • Serenity. Amethyst provides calming energy to help you relax and unwind. It can reduce stress and restlessness and soothe the body. This stone is an excellent choice for when you feel anxious or jittery. 
  • Hormone balance. Amethyst may help balance the endocrine system; the body system responsible for producing hormones. Amethyst can optimise the performance of this system, bringing your hormones into balance and potentially playing a role in the prevention of a range of health problems. 
  • Detoxification. Amethyst boasts considerable cleansing abilities, promoting detoxification from the inside out. Spending a lot of time around amethyst can cleanse and open the chakras, purify the blood, and help remove toxins from throughout the body. 
  • Fewer headaches. Amethyst is helpful when it comes to pain relief in general, but it is especially useful in reducing headaches. Its soothing energy can decrease pain and calm stress, a one-two punch of pain relief that many people find highly effective. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of the Amethyst You Buy Online

When looking for amethyst to buy online, you want to make sure that you get the most from your investment and get a quality addition to your collection. Here are a few ways to use amethyst to benefit from its healing energy:

  • Meditate. Amethyst is a classic meditation tool because it provides inner peace, clarity of mind, and spiritual protection. 
  • Place it in your home. Amethyst is one of the most beneficial stones to have around, so place it in each room to keep yourself surrounded by its healing properties. 
  • Combine it with Feng Shui. Place amethyst in the northeast areas of your home for spiritual growth; place it in the southeast for wealth and abundance. Or, carry a small rock in your pocket to soothe yourself as you go about your day. 

About Force of Life

At Force of Life, we sell a wide variety of unique crystal specimens. We have one Melbourne location plus our online store. Crystals make fantastic gifts, and we make it even easier by offering complimentary gift wrapping and Afterpay. If you have any questions about our crystals or would like help choosing the best options for you, contact us today.