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At Force of Life, we offer one of the largest ranges of zeolite in Australia.

Zeolite crystals have a soft gentle healing energy and are useful for detoxification and purification of the body, mind and physical environment. They are happy stones, helping to promote positive and supportive energies and remove negative energies. They are also a powerful aid for Reiki and all other healing practices. Zeolites will help to attune you with the energies around you and purify your mind.

In the body, Zeolites help release toxins, making them valuable for cleansing, as well as drug and alcohol detoxification and withdrawal. They also promote the mental and emotional stability that is much-needed during these cleansing processes.

Due to their excellent antioxidant properties, zeolite crystals can also help strengthen the immune system by trapping and neutralising free radicals.

Besides removing toxins from the body, zeolites also help to cleanse and purify physical environments by drawing out odours and toxins from the air and material surfaces. Zeolites are even beneficial in agriculture and gardening, especially when buried in the soil or earth near plants, trees and crops.  

Zeolite crystals assist in opening up and activating your chakra system. They can help to increase your awareness, access deeper meditative states and access higher levels of learning and understanding. You will be able to better overcome obstacles by recognising your self-imposed limitations and rising above them.

They can also help you access Akashic records of your past and present life experiences and are potent transmitters of vibration and energy.