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Smudge Kit Bundles

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This bundle kit includes 1 x Palo Santo, 1 x Sage Stick, 1 x Selenite Stick.

Cleanse your space, cleanse your crystals and cleanse yourself. This powerful pack will keep you covered for removing any stagnant energy in your environment.

Comes in small and large bundles.

*Charging plate sold separately. 

Sage smudge sticks are potent tools for cleansing physical environments. Over time, negative energy can build up around the home or workplace. Foreign or unfamiliar energies can linger or build up, and these can upset the balance of your space, increasing negative feelings like stress, discomfort or anxiety.

Sage sticks, also known as smudge sticks, are an ideal energy cleanser for your home or workspace. When you burn sage, the negative or stagnant energies in the area attach to the smoke and fall as dust. This process cleanses and purifies the area, and helps to promote healing and generate wisdom and clarity. It has been scientifically tested and proven that the use of Sage helps neutralise positive ions and helps to remove bacteria from the air.

Smudging has been practised since ancient times for cleansing and purification purposes.

Saging or smudging your home or workspace will ensure the energies are light and positive and will remove any negative energies that may be present. When moving to a new home or workspace saging is recommended to remove energies from previous inhabitants.   Burning sage in the bedroom can promote calm and tranquillity and improve the quality of your sleep. And burning it in the workspace can reduce stress and encourage creativity and improve focus.

We stock a range of sage sticks and home protection bundles. We use locally sourced traditional white sage when available. Our home protection bundles also include sustainably sourced Selenite wands and Palo Santo sticks. Used in combination with white sage, this bundle provides a powerful cleanse, removing negative energies and protecting the space with loving, high-vibrational energy.

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