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Large White Sage (Smudge Stick)

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Cleanse your space with this powerful tool. It will help to cleanse your home (or office) by removing any stagnant energy in your environment. 

This is traditional White Sage, that is grown locally in Victoria. 

Did you know that not only is smoking White Sage a great way to help with energy cleansing, but it has now been scientifically proven to help neutralise positive ions, and help to remove bacteria from the air.


How to use: 

Close all windows and doors to outside, light the White Sage stick, and smudge the entire home or office, taking care to cleanse each corner of the room and around any electronic or daily used spaces (such as TV's and beds). 

Open doors and windows that lead outside, and allow the smoke from the smudging white sage to leave your home - carrying all negative energy with it. 



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