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Home Protection Kit Bundles

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Cleanse and protect your space with this powerful kit. It will help to cleanse your home (or office) by removing any stagnant energy in your environment and protecting it with loving high vibrational energy. 

This bundle kit includes 1 x Palo Santo, 1 x Large White Sage Stick, 4 x Small Selenite Stick, 1x Large Selenite Wand. 

How to Use: 

Before you begin: Set your intention of clearing your space from negative/stagnant energy, to envoke a positive flow of love and ease into your space, and to keep your home protected. 

Step 1: Place the 4 small Selenite sticks in the 4 corners of the home or office. 

Step 2: Place the large Selenite wand above your front door. (inside or out). - If unable to place above - put in a space nearby. 

Step 3: Close all windows and doors to outside, light the White Sage stick, and smudge the entire home or office, taking care to cleanse each corner of the room and around any electronic or daily used spaces (such as TV's and beds). 

Step 4: Open doors and windows that lead outside, and allow the smoke from the smudging white sage to leave your home - carrying all negative energy with it. 

Step 5: Once your home is clear, close doors and windows, and use your Palo Santo wood stick to envoke positive energy into each room and especially at the front entrance. 


Add in some black tourmaline into your home at the front and back door to add extra protection to your space. Available to purchase online or in-store - sold separately. 

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