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Labradorite Crystals

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Labradorite is a mystical stone of awakening transformation and change. Its vibrations offer powerful protection from negativity and will fortify you with strength and perseverance, preparing you to face change in whatever form it may take. It promotes self-esteem and a sense of inner worth and gives you the power of will you need to face trials and challenges, making it a powerful tool for dealing with and overcoming addiction or breaking unhealthy habits.

Labradorite crystals help improve your intuition and promote psychic abilities. You will be able to access and heal old memories or past life experiences and more prepared to see the truth behind illusions. It can also help prepare the body and soul for ascension.

Labradorite stones can aid in communicating with our highest self, strengthening the aura and neutralising fears and insecurities. It can calm the mind, focus thoughts and promote mental acuity, creativity and imagination.

It’s a powerful healing stone that resonates strongly with the chakras above the heart, including the throat, third eye, crown and soul star chakra. It can help with disorders of the eyes and brain and relieve stress and anxiety. Its associations with the endocrine system help it to regulate metabolism and balance hormones. It can also be used to help regulate blood pressure and aid with digestion.