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Himalayan Quartz

Himalayan Quartz Clusters Australia

Quartz is one of the most powerful healing stones in the world. It enhances the aura and helps to amplify and project your intentions into the surrounding environment.

Carrying the vibrations of the shamanic healers who have lived in the region for centuries, Himalayan quartz is a teaching stone charged with the knowledge and wisdom of the region’s spiritual healers.

Himalayan quartz clusters generate an extraordinary vibration that resonates with all the chakras. They encourage clarity of thought and purpose and are excellent at amplifying energies and forging connections to higher guidance.

Himalayan quartz is available in a range of sizes and varieties, including clusters, clear, smoky or pink. Depending on the type of quartz you have, you may find the stone useful for several different practices. For instance, pink or Shwadi quartz produces a loving energy that can benefit the heart chakra.

Lemurian quartz or ancestral quartz provides access to the wisdom and knowledge of Himalayan spiritual healers through its distinctive markings. Meditating with these crystals can be a particularly powerful experience.

Clear quartz and quartz clusters can be used to cleanse other crystals. You can create an activation grid with them or simply place the affected crystal on top of the quartz. It may take a day or so for the negative energy to be removed from other crystals.