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Abundance and Prosperity Crystal Grid Kit

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Manifestation Crystal Grid for Abundance and Prosperity. 

Crystal Grids have been used all over the world to help direct the stones energy flow towards a specific purpose or intention for manifestation. 

This grid is designed to help you manifest Abundance and Prosperity into your life. 

Kit includes: 

  • 1x Raw Pyrite Specimen 
  • 4x Citrine Fairy Quartz Fingers
  • 4x Mini Double Terminated Quartz Points 
  • 4x Green Adventurine Tumbled Stones
  • 1x Palo Santo Stick

How to use: 

Use the Palo Santo to clear the space you wish to place your crystal grid. 

Set your intention as to what exactly you wish your Abundance and Prosperity grid to help manifest. You may wish to write this down and place near the grid. (or even fold up the paper and place under the pyrite.) 

Place all the crystals in their grid formation (you can follow the product picture grid design, or tune into your intuition and allow it to guide you in the grid formation.) 

While setting up your grid, keep in mind your intention while you place the crystals into place. 

Once your grid is set up, sit down near it, and work with manifesting tools - such as mediation, affirmations etc, and tune into the crystal grid to help bring more Abundance and Prosperity into your life.


Please note that as all crystals are unique, some may vary slightly in size and shape to picture. Each kit will be intuitively made for you. 

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