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Healing Crystals & Energy Crystals

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Healing Crystals Melbourne

At Force of Life, we are passionate about providing only the best quality, ethically sourced crystals from around the world. We stock a wide range of high-vibration energy and healing crystals including quartz in many forms, apophyllite in many colours and configurations, as well as amethyst geode and zeolites, all hand-extracted in the Himalayas.

We also stock a large selection of powerful healing and energy crystals from Africa and South America. All our crystals are unique, 100% natural and hand-finished (in the case of polished or shaped crystals). Besides natural crystals, we also offer a range of spheres and eggs, pyramids, palm stones, polished sculptures, caves and geodes, fossils, one-off jewellery pieces and more.

As healing practitioners, we only stock and sell crystals that we believe contain exceptional healing or environmental improvement qualities. Each type of crystal provides its unique range of benefits, from stimulating love and compassion to purification and detoxification to specific healing energies. 

Whether you’re looking for a particular type of crystal or you need help with a specific ailment, you can give us a call or contact us online. We can help you find the crystal with the right properties to soothe, heal and balance your mind, body and spirit. We can provide tips on how to use, place and combine your crystals to gain the optimal benefits.

Choosing the right crystal can help to significantly improve your physical, mental and spiritual well being, as well as improving relationships, cleansing the physical environment and more. 

At Force of Life, we are passionate about sharing the profound healing, cleansing and protective abilities of these beautiful natural wonders.