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Force of Life: A Trustworthy Source for Healing Crystals in Melbourne

If you seek a dedicated supplier for vibrationally charged healing crystals in Melbourne, then you should visit Force of Life. We are earnest practitioners of healing arts and believe that we have found crystals that contain exceptional qualities. Let us share these crystals with you so that you and your loved ones can benefit from the impact they have on your home.

What Sets Force of Life Apart Regarding Healing Crystals to Buy Online

Many people seek a trustworthy source of crystals and care that transcends body and spirit but don’t know how to distinguish one source from another. To ease your search, we’ve compiled several ways in which we are unique: 

  • We offer a wide variety of exclusive crystals for sale both in our physical store and online. We want to be the best place for you to buy crystals online in Australia, so we continually source the best crystals we can find. Each crystal we sell is vibrationally charged and delivered safely to your door so that you can immediately begin experiencing the benefits we believe you’ll gain from our ethically-sourced crystals.
  • Not only can you find crystals for your individual use or gifts, but you can also find them at wholesale rates. This wholesale option is convenient for those who are themselves practitioners and need to source quality, energetic crystals to buy online for their healing practice.
  • If you are purchasing crystals from our store as a gift, we’re happy to provide a complimentary gift wrapping service. Save yourself time and hassle while still wrapping a beautiful crystal in delightful wrapping. We appreciate it when our work can be used to express affection and love between friends and family.
  • Let us make it easy for you to work these healing crystals from Australia into your budget. We offer Afterpay for those who would prefer to pay piecemeal over four weeks rather than all at once. This option comes in handy both when you are buying crystals as a gift and purchasing them as an investment in your own business.
  • Our team’s education encompasses many spiritual practices, and each of us brings a unique perspective to how we work. We are happy to share the fruit of our work with you and help you benefit from what we’ve experienced. Thus, if you have any questions regarding which crystals are best suited to your desires, you can always ask us and receive intelligent, informed answers.

As you can see, the foundation of our practice is a dedication to spiritual arts that doesn’t rely solely on one aspect, but instead blends them. Additionally, we provide helpful material assistance to those who walk through our doors or visit our website.

Related Services We Provide to Crystals in Melbourne

You can engage us for several services beyond simply being a place to buy crystals in Australia. Consider several other ways we help those who are spiritually oriented: 

  • The Force of Life energy healing centre offers numerous therapeutic modalities to help restore wellness to your life in several senses. We provide several practices that restore health to your mind, body, and spirit, such as Reiki and crystal healing, life coaching, yoga, Ayurvedic consultations, meditation, and more. 
  • We use the innovative system designed by Johannes R. Fisslinger to photograph and analyse your aura. From this information, we can help you understand where your development may be impacted at specific chakras and where we believe you’ll find the most benefit from healing energies. Our aura reading can also help you better understand your disposition and how to better treat yourself with respect and love.
  • Receive the benefit of exceedingly large, expensive, and potent crystals in your home and workspace by signing up for our crystal rental program. For a minimal fee, you can rotate crystals every six to eight weeks and experience the benefit of these unique crystals that otherwise may be too expensive for home use. 

About the Staff at Force of Life

We believe in spreading positive energy and helping those who need healing in their lives. The charged healing crystals that we work with provide a unique opportunity to share those positive vibrations with people in the Melbourne area and beyond. Contact us to learn more about how we source our crystals or to request one of our services.


Natural Crystal specimens from Africa and The Himalayas. We have the largest selection of unique Quartz formations including Cathedral Quartz, Elestial Quartz, Pink Himalayan Quartz Clusters.