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Crystal Clusters

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At Force of Life, we have a specially curated collection of natural and unique crystal clusters including pink Himalayan quartz, Cathedral Quartz, apophyllite and the rare red stilbite.

Crystal clusters form when multiple crystal points grow on the same base or matrix. They can be incredibly beautiful and offer a range of healing, cleansing and protection benefits. Any type of crystal can form as a cluster while retaining the crystal’s natural spiritual characteristics.

Quartz crystal clusters can be more potent than individual crystals, as the crystals are unified by a shared base, naturally amplifying their energy. This makes quartz crystal clusters a good choice for using in the centre of a grid as they increase the powers of the stones surrounding them.

Crystal clusters help to harmonise groups of people in a home or workspace and unite them toward a common spiritual goal. Meditation practices can also improve through the use of the right quartz crystal cluster. Quartz clusters can help to focus energy, improve concentration and access deeper inner realms.

The type of crystal cluster you choose will determine what kind of energy and benefits you get from it. If you’re unsure what you’re looking for, contact us, and we can help you choose the crystal cluster that’s right for you.

Whether you’re looking for Himalayan quartz clusters, amethyst clusters, coral clusters or anything else, we can help.