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The Magic of Lingam Stones

Posted by Donal Mac Sweeney on

Lingam Stones

These beautiful and all visually unique crystals are found and sourced from one river in the world, the Narmada River in India. Lingams Stones also called Shiva Lingams or Bana Lingas, are a variety of cryptocrystalline quartz which is a naturally formed oval in shape and contains earthy tones, usually two-toned sometime all black. It is said their colour is derived from a meteorite that hit the river millions of years ago. These Lingams are gathered once a year in a special ceremony and then polished by hand. It is said there is a Lingam for each person on earth.

In Sanskrit, “Lingam” means sign or symbol and represents the power of Lord Shiva, the Lord of Creation and the masculine Creative energy. The coloured markings known as “Yoni” represent the feminine energy and make these wonderful crystals to aid in fertility, alleviating back pain and assisting with prostate health, as well as offering many other physical benefits.

The shape of the Shiva Lingam makes it a powerful energy generator appropriate for healing and a unique tool for meditation and cleansing spaces. The natural shaping and polishing process forms a very balanced ritual object that combines both masculine and feminine energies, providing a unified vibration. These are a wonderful piece to have in your home or workplace to raise and maintain wonderful energy.

A great Meditation companion, the Shiva Lingam is a stone of insight, allowing the user to recognise and let go of feelings and retained emotions that no longer serve or have been outgrown. They help one to realise one's place and purpose in the universe.

They assist with communication and connecting with one's higher self. Also know to assist with dream interpretation and recall simply sleep with a small stone beside or under your bed.

A must-have for any energy healing or meditation space.


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