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Struggling from Mental Fatigue? 3 ways to increase your Mental Energy!

Posted by Donal Mac Sweeney on

Are you struggling with mental exhaustion and low energy levels? At this time of year, with work and school going back into full gear, having mental fatigue isn't a great way to hit the ground running!

When life gets busy, our minds can become distracted and drained, which do not help you finish your paper for school or that presentation for work. Here are some simple ways to increase your mental energy levels. 

5 Tips To Increase Mental Vitality. 

1. Use Crystals to enhance your energy while working.

Placing a piece of Pyrite on your desk is a powerful and lovely way to bring vitality and an abundance of energy into your space. 

Try a Fluorite Sphere in your working space. This calming and beautiful crystal will help to increase your focus and productivity, while also encouraging calm/clear thinking. Fluorite can also help with Electromatic-stress when placed near your computer - a lovely bonus!


2. Meditate with a crystal - such as Shiva Lingam or Amethyst, to help calm the mind and ground the body. If you are trying to be productive when your mind is drained or hyper - then you most likely are not going to get far! 

Sit in a calm and quiet space away from distractions. (If you need, put on some gentle calming music) Either hold your Crystal(s) or place it on the ground in front of you. Gentle close your eyes, and tune into your breathing. Take in a deep long inhale through your nose, hold for the count of four, then exhale out your nose, pushing out all air. Sit quietly for 5-20 minutes. Allow the energy of the crystal(s) to flow into your mind/body and let it drain away all stress and fatigue from your head. Once this feels done, then envision a beautiful calming white light flowing in from the top of your head, down through your Crown Chakra, and nourishing this space, bringing vitality and calm into your mind. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes and bring your awareness back into the room. You are now ready to get productive! 

3. Get some fresh air! 

When we are not getting enough fresh air, our mind can become groggy and unproductive. Some ways to enhance your air quality: 

- Put a Himalayan Clear Quartz Cluster on your window sill - or somewhere where natural sunlight can hit it. The natural light refraction through the quartz can help with adding negative ions into your space and improving the air quality. 

- Add a house plant to the room. Plants help improve air quality and also can help us stay calm and grounded. 

- Smudge your space. When the energy of a room is low - this can have a direct impact on your mind/body. Use a room cleansing kit - of White Sage and Palo Santo to cleanse out any stale negative energy and envoke positive light energy back into the space. 

- Open a window. Sounds simple enough - and it is! Allow the fresh air to fill up your room, and bring fresh energy into the space - which will help rejuvenate your mind, helping to increase mental vitality. 

4. Get some expert help and advice. 

If you are really struggling with mental tiredness, speaking to a health expert on what is the best way to help heal this, can be really helpful. Changes in diet and lifestyle, decreasing stress and energy healing/rebalancing may be just what you need to increase mental vitality. Check out our Practitioner Page to see what session might be right for you, or speak to one of our staff members. 



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