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Make a Difference with our Palo Santo Sticks

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Beautiful Palo Santo Sticks.

Palo Santo is amazing for helping bring positive energy into your energetic space and helping to bring positive vibes into a general space.

There is a lot of negative energy and practices within the Palo Santo industry these days.  So we wanted to share the story behind our beautiful pieces.


Our Palo Santo comes from a small town in South America. The wood is only harvested, once a tree branch has naturally fallen off. It then goes through a natural drying process over a 6 year period, with shamanic blessings every 12 months.

A large percentage of the funds from the Palo Santo sticks purchases, goes straight back into the local community it came from, help the tree carers, who are dedicated to the regeneration and survival of these incredible trees. 


The Negative Side of the Palo Santo Industry

Most Palo Santo sticks available worldwide, and not authentic, as they are made by cutting down the branches from growing trees, and dried in kilns - making them available for selling within a week or 2 of cutting. This is not a healthy or sustainable practice, and definitely not one we will be supporting.

So when you buy Palo Santo from us, know that you are burning authentic, sustainable, and high vibrational sticks, that are here to help you, and to help the community it has come from. Otherwise, you might as well be burning wood from Bunnings! 



Available in-store now and online. (In our smudge kits - available HERE.)

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