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Enhance your water with Crystals

Posted by Donal Mac Sweeney on

The quality of the water that we drink has a big impact on our health and the functionality of our bodies, as over 70% of our bodies cells are comprised of water. The water we consume becomes part of our physical being. The shape of a water molecule is the same shape as a human cell, which is the same shape as a Quartz cell! 

By introducing Quartz to the water we consume, we can improve the molecular structure of the water making it healthier to drink. The water arrives at our homes after going through much pressurisation, being pumped through pipes, going around sharp corners, having chemicals added… all of which affects the quality of the water arriving at our taps.

Letting water sit overnight before consuming is recommended, and water filtration is a beneficial process as it will remove many of the impurities and heavy metals that find their way into our water source. 

The use of crystals and crystal infuser bottles has become very popular as the energy of the crystal improves the molecular structure of the water. Quartz does this best as it is known and proven to transmit an electrical current which in turn improves the quality of the water by re-structuring the cellular level of the water molecule. 

Crystals improve the quality of the water for drinking however I will share a little secret on how you can improve your water without the need for a crystal drink bottle. Unfortunately, these drink bottles are made of glass and are quite fragile. The water also needs to spend a considerable amount of time for the energy to improve the water.

An easy alternative to an expensive glass water bottle is to use a quartz crystal point and place it in a water jug or bottle in the fridge overnight. You can then simply pour the water into any water bottle preferably made of steel or better again, copper and drink as needed.


Try it for yourself. 

  1. Fill a jug with water from your normal supply and taste a small amount in a glass to see what the taste is like.
  2. Place a natural unpolished quartz point in the water container and leave to sit for 8-10 hours.
  3. Pour your Quartz energised water into a glass and drink…the best tasting water you will have had since your last trip to the high country!



Ready to start enhancing your water to a  high vibration that your body will love? 

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