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EMF awareness for better health

Posted by Donal Mac Sweeney on

I came across a quotation on the internet recently that summed up how we are treating illness in society today, it read

“ If a flower doesn’t grow we don’t FIX IT, we change its environment” 

This resonated with me and my belief as to why we have so much illness around us today. I believe that EMF has a major influence on our health and well being, as do many Doctors and Scientists, which has led to a plethora of credible supporting information, but all this information seems to fall on the deaf ears of our authorities.

EMF, Electro smog, call it what you may, the fact is it’s a real and present danger in our lives, and appears it's being ignored by the Australian agencies and organisations that should be dealing with it, and introducing measures and procedures to safeguard you and I from its dangers. 

“EMF” refers to electrical and magnetic frequencies that are created by Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones, mobile phone towers, microwave ovens, energy saving light globes, power lines, pretty much every electrical device in and around your house.

The standards in Australia are dated back to 1998 and work on the principal of “If it doesn’t burn you it won't harm you”. This unfortunately is not the case, as there have been many studies and reports that show EMF to be directly related to chronic illnesses. Germany, Russia, Norway and Kazakhstan to name but a few, all have very stringent regulations in relation to acceptable levels of EMF. Brussels has banned the 5G mobile system due to its high levels of radiation. 

EMF and its negative effect on ones health are now well documented to be responsible for all illness as it weakens the immune system, but has also been associated with Cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, sleep disorders, skin conditions… the list is endless.

Our bodies have evolved over thousands of years and EMFs are estimated to be 10 billion times greater today than they were in the 60's, due to the introduction of electrical and wireless devices, many of which are brought to market without any testing on a biological level.

If you’re concerned about EMF in your home or workplace we can help with onsite readings and recommendations on how to improve your environment. Please email or call for more information.

I have included a small blog on 7 TIPS ON HOW TO REDUCE EMF FROM YOUR MOBILE PHONE (read here), and will update information and reading levels from varies devices around your house that may surprise you!

As all EMF are frequency based, “Energy Healing” has a lot to offer as many procedures will restore the balance in once body that is effected by undesirable EMF frequencies.

Stay tuned for our upcoming video demonstration on how crystals help with EMF.

Kindest regards,
Founder @ Force of Life.

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