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Coral Quartz - Crystal in the Spotlight

Posted by Donal Mac Sweeney on

This beautiful and unique Coral Quartz also is known as 'Chalcedony Stalactites with Quartz Druzy' is from the Himalayas and is a recently discovered formation. These clusters are very powerful pieces to enhance any home or workspace and maintain wonderful energy in your environment. These clusters can be used for charging and cleansing other crystals and Jewellery or simply used for enhancing the space where they are kept.

Chalcedony is a humanising crystal that promotes unity stability and goodwill among groups of people. This stone absorbs negative energy and dissipates it, and regenerates it as positivity. 
Chalcedony aligns the mind, body and spirit. Chalcedony is said to calm hostility and aid in removing the feeling of sadness and grief. This stone removes self-doubt and helps to build confidence in oneself.

Chalcedony balances the mind, body, and spirit. It heals the eyes, gallbladder, bones, spleen, blood and circulatory system. Chalcedony is a powerful healer and cleanser.

These powerful clusters have the addition of the energy and beauty of the Quartz Druzy, which amplifies the energies of the base crystal and are powerful amplifiers of the effectiveness of the cluster formation.

We are pleased to have a limited supply and offer you this opportunity to add this wonderful crystal to your collection.

Available to purchase here CORAL QUARTZ 

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