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Cleanse and Protect Your Home

Posted by Donal Mac Sweeney on

Your home is a retreat, from the outside world. A place to be with friends or family or beloved pet. To be able to chill out after a long day at work, and to just be. 

However, when the energy of your house is not feeling right, it may be because the energy of the space is off. You might be feeling stressed within the space, or a feeling of negativity may be filling the home. When this happens, one of the 1st things to do is to give your home a good cleansing! 

A simple, yet powerful way to do this is by using a Home Cleansing Kit

This kit will help cleanse and protect your space. It will help to cleanse your home by removing any stagnant energy in your environment and protecting it with loving high vibrational energy. 

This bundle kit includes 1 x Palo Santo, 1 x Large White Sage Stick, 4 x Small Selenite Stick, 1x Large Selenite Wand. 

How to Use: 

Before you begin: Set your intention of clearing your space from negative/stagnant energy, to envoke a positive flow of love and ease into your space, and to keep your home protected. 

Step 1: Place the 4 small Selenite sticks in the 4 corners of the home or office. 

Step 2: Place the large Selenite wand above your front door. (inside or out). - If unable to place above - put in a space nearby. 

Step 3: Close all windows and doors to outside, light the White Sage stick, and smudge the entire home or office, taking care to cleanse each corner of the room and around any electronic or daily used spaces (such as TV's and beds). 

Step 4: Open doors and windows that lead outside, and allow the smoke from the smudging white sage to leave your home - carrying all negative energy with it. 

Step 5: Once your home is clear, close doors and windows, and use your Palo Santo wood stick to envoke positive energy into each room and especially at the front entrance. 

 smudging home cleanse


To add in some extra protection to the home space once cleansed, you can place a piece of Black Tourmaline into your home at the front and back door to add extra protection to your space. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that not only is smoking White Sage a great way to help with energy cleansing, but it has now been scientifically proven to help neutralise positive ions, and help to remove bacteria from the air?


Doing a house cleanse regularly, will help to keep the energy of your home balanced and light. Cleansing your home doesn't mean that you have a negative spirit in your space (although if you do, this will help remove it and send it on its way!) as there are many different reasons that your home might be housing some negative vibes. 

Such reasons could be:

  • There has been someone ill in the house. 
  • New furniture has been put into the house (especially important if it is second hand, to help cleanse away any previous energy off it.) 
  • You use a lot of electrical devices (TV's, microwaves, phones, computers etc) 
  • There has been tension between members of the household. 
  • If you or someone else living there is energetically cleansing their own energy (eg. releasing old patterns/beliefs) - as this can leave residual energy in the house. 
  • You have had guests or other people not part of the household (such as tradies), and want to cleanse out their energy. 


In need of a Home Cleansing/Protection Kit?

You can shop them here. 

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