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7 Tips to reduce EMF from your Mobile Phone

Posted by Donal Mac Sweeney on

  1. Distance is your friend. By keeping your phone 50-60mm away from your head you will reduce the EMF by up to 75%. Use your speaker phone where possible. Don’t hold the phone neat your head until the call has connected as radiation is higher pre connection.
  2. Don’t carry your phone on your body: Cell phones emit radiation constantly so if you have to put it in your pocket or bra turn it off. Missing a call is a much healthier option.
  3. Don’t use your phone when you have weak signal : The weaker the signal the more radiation so only use your phone when showing 3-4 bars.
  4. Never give a child a mobile phone: Children have much thinner skulls than adults and thus can be effected more severely. If you have to entertain your child with a phone or tablet, download the content first and then put it on Aeroplane. Please note that the “World health Organisation” have recently recommended that children under 2 never be given a mobile phone due to the “blue light “ dangers and health effects. This is separate to the EMF danger.
  5. Don’t have your phone near you while you sleep. Research has shown that sleep is effected by cell phone radiation. Putting your phone on Aeroplane mode is only a solution if the phone is not being charged. The chargers generate high EMFs themselves, so keep your phone out of the bedroom if possible.
  6. Don’t use your phone in confined spaces. Area such as elevators busses trains cars ect, reflect the radiation, so the levels in metal structure will be much higher.
  7. Check the SAR rating before you purchase a phone. All new phones come with a SAR rating that indicates the depth the radiation penetrated the human body, the lower the rating the better. Unfortunately the SAR reading are taken 25mm away from the body so if you hold your phone to your ear you can expect 3 to 4 times the levels that are quoted for the phone.

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